tiistai, 17. huhtikuu 2012

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 Blog has moved to aliengirlfriend.thinksheep.nl

torstai, 5. tammikuu 2012

May-December 2011

 Haven't been writing in a while so here's a short version of our year, enjoy!


Wimmi has been taking it easy


Marvin got a new toy...


...but Dennis stole it


I had a birthday party


Travelled with Dennis to NL...


...and Sweden...


...where he got to be in a doggy bag...


...and eat baby food


Marvin I took to Åland


Dennis had a rash when the weather became colder


Marvin helped me with sewing...


and with changing the pillowcases


Dennis got a new hoodie...


...I got a new rug


Wimmi didn't eat the spaghetti


They all learned to lie down and wait


Ever get the feeling like someone's watching you?


That's it! New year, more updates :) Oh, and Oliver is coming again february 1st - april 17th :D :D

sunnuntai, 3. huhtikuu 2011

Forest! Pictures by Eva Date


keskiviikko, 23. maaliskuu 2011

Fun in the snow - videos

Snow rally, part 1


Snow rally, part 2


On the ice


Time to go home :D

sunnuntai, 20. maaliskuu 2011

Summer cottage in the winter